Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why student concerts matter

On Saturday Jacqueline and I held our bi-yearly student concert. These concerts are quite successful!

At their core, student concerts are like progress cards, displaying the advances made through diligent practice. But there are lots of side-benefits too.

Firstly, both students and teachers put in extra effort in order to show their very best of what they have been working on over the last weeks or months. Students put in the extra practising time as to master even the hardest passages, and teachers ensure all aspects of a 'perfect performance' have been fully addressed during lessons.

Concerts also have the effect of making lessons more exciting and relevant, and parents have a real appreciation for seeing their son or daughter perform in concert, finally seeing and hearing the results of lessons and practising.

An added benefit for our combined piano and saxophone studios is the opportunity for all students and parents to get to mingle with one another, creating a sense of a larger musical community.

And how do we ALL benefit? We are reminded how wonderful music making really is. Music has the ability to bring together people from all ages, abilities, and walks of life, enjoying musical moments of presenting, sharing, listening and appreciating the talents of our peers, sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters; a new generation in the making.

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