Wednesday, 21 August 2013

We have moved, we're nearing the end of renovating our music studios, and we're almost ready to teach again in the fall

Summer has kept us really busy: predominantly with moving and renovating.
On July first we moved to beautiful Oak Bay, South Oak Bay to be precise, and are living on a quiet little street called Beaverbrooke Street. It's right in between St. Michael's Junior School and Monteray Middle School. 

We have moved to Oak Bay, 2189 Beaverbrooke Street

Our renovation was necessary to turn two bedrooms, located on the lower floor, into two music studios. With the help of family, especially contractor and uncle, Jim, these rooms have undergone a major transformation.

We finished the new laminate floor of my own studio today (yeah!), and I still will have to paint the ceiling and walls to give it that 'fresh' look. We're getting there. 

My saxophone/clarinet/flute studio; the floor is done.

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