Saturday, 8 May 2010

Paying a visit to Robert Dale McIntosh

While doing my research, one name kept showing up: Robert Dale McIntosh - it was time to pay him a visit. I called him up and made an appointment for last Friday afternoon.

After a warm welcome, introducing ourselves and giving him a broad idea about my topic, I started asking away a ton of questions.

A few things about our conversation stand out:
- what a rich history Victoria has, mostly because of the (well off) people that moved here, who had lots of leisure time to spend
- how important "names" (of people) are in doing this type of research
- the historical part of my research is going to be time consuming (I don't have a team of students helping me) so I better make sure other parts of my thesis are less time consuming (allocate resources efficiently)
- once one finds the "kernel" useful to my topic, then the work will flow forward by itself

The visit was close to an hour long, so a lot more was discussed. The next thing I will do, also a recommendation from Dale, is to visit the BC archives.

Monday will be my first chance to do that: I'm especially looking forward to the H. Kent fonds, perhaps the earliest saxophonist in town?

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